Top 10 Foods that Cause Mucus (Avoid with Asthma and COPD)

What are the top 10 foods that cause mucus? Which foods can increase mucus production? Watch this video, especially if you have asthma or COPD!
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➡️ Bread
Bread is a staple in many diets, which is why you may be saddened to hear that it can cause an increase in mucus production. One study found that bread consumption was linked to chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps, which are growths inside the nose.

➡️ Processed Meat
Processed meat is made up of meat that has been treated in some way to preserve it or enhance its flavor. This includes bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausage, and lunch meat.

➡️ Sugar
It’s been well-documented that sugar is not something that should be included in a healthy diet. A study found a link between sugar consumption and increased mucus production.

The study looked at the effects of sugar on nasal mucus in healthy people and people with asthma. It found that both groups produced more mucus after eating sugar.

➡️ Milk
It’s no secret that milk is a good source of calcium and other nutrients. But milk has also been shown to cause mucus. A study found that drinking milk increased the production of mucus in the nose and throat.

➡️ Fast Food
It’s no secret that fast food is unhealthy. But many are surprised to hear that it can increase the production of mucus. A study found that eating fast food was linked with an increased risk of developing asthma.

➡️ Soda
Just like fast food, soda has also been linked with an increased risk of developing asthma and increased mucus production. The primary reason is that soda is loaded with sugar, and excess sugar has been known to cause inflammation.

➡️ Cheese
When we eat cheese and other dairy products, sometimes our bodies are unable to break down and absorb a property known as lactose. When this occurs, the body's natural reaction is to produce more mucus. This can even lead to other problems such as diarrhea, constipation, and nausea.

➡️ Eggs
Eggs are a common ingredient in many dishes and are a good source of protein and other nutrients. Some researchers believe that eggs can cause an increase in mucus production. One theory is that the properties in eggs can trigger the production of histamine, which in turn triggers the production of mucus in your body.

➡️ Corn
It's a popular food item in many cuisines around the world. While it may seem like a harmless ingredient, some researchers believe that it can cause an increase in mucus production. A study found that subjects who ate corn protein had increased mucus along with more sneezing, itching, and a runny nose.

➡️ Sodium
Most Americans are consuming far too much sodium in their diets. In fact, many of the common foods that we eat are packed with sodium, and that could be leading to an increase in the production of mucus. Sodium causes inflammation in the body, which can lead to swelling. This causes the production of mucus to increase as a natural defense mechanism.

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